Originally, Fidec Social comes from the payroll and social department of the firm Pricewaterhousecoopers (Pwc), New Caledonia.
In late 2003, expertise and consultant activities left the Pricewaterhousecoopers (Pwc) network to group together under the name Fidec Nc.

The payroll and social activity is attached to Fidec Nc office and soon became a full-fledged department.

In 2008, its strong development generates a society dedicated to payroll and social law : Fidec social SARL.

Today made up of 9 persons, the company is exclusively specialized in :
– payroll outsourcing (over 2,000 pay slips are treated every month)
– the execution of social contributions
– social law assistance.


More time to concentrate on your core business :

Payroll management is a time-consuming activity.
Outsourcing your payroll allows you to refocus your resources on your main activity and it can free up staff time to pursue more value-added and revenue-generating activities such as managing your social relations.

You do not take risk anymore:

By doing the payroll yourself, you get exposed to one of the most sensitive
responsibilities of your business.
Social law is constantly changing, the making of pay slip is more and more complex and requires almost daily monitoring of the social regulation with a permanent updating of of your software.

Payroll mistakes can be painful. A good payroll-service provider is far less likely to make a serious error than an in-house staff.

No more worry each month that the payroll will be run on time.
Social contribution forms are produced accurately for quarter and annual reporting.
With a payroll service, output speed and quality won’t vary in accordance with vacations and illnesses : The payroll is still run efficiently.

You reduce your costs:

You no longer need to buy and learn how to use a payroll software.
You do not have to keep up with constantly changing regulations, withholding rates and government forms.
Outsourcing to a dedicated bureau can save money : the amount of our service is less than the cost of an employee, even a part-time employee.
You gain in flexibility.

​Each month you (or the authorized person in your company) give us your payroll information by internet or by fax on a preset form.
Within the following 48 hours (excluding weekends) we pass you the pay slips by mail (in PDF format), or in hard copy.
We join a payment order and the monthly situation such as the paybook and the different reserves.
The only thing you have to do is to edit your pay slips and to proceed with the payment either by transfer or by cheque.
THE CONTENT OF OUR SERVICEIn addition to the achievement of your pay slips, we support the different formalities related to the management of your staff without additional cost:
Statement of employment CAFAT
Complementary health insurance membership
Pre-employment medical visit

Quarterly CAFAT Statement
Quarterly CRE/IRCAFEX statement
Quarterly CES statement
Annual CRE/IRCAFEX statement
Annual DNS statement
Statement of employment of disabled workers
Employers’ contribution to the funding of vocational training

Certificate of loss of earnings
Work accident form.

Attendance sheet (family allowances)
Work certificates

Reserve for holiday leave
Reserve for time off in lieu
Summary table for complementary health insurance
Summary table of payment orders

Calculation of terminated employee’s final pay
Work certificate
Declaration of termination to the CAFAT
Annulment of complementary health insurance



Drawing up a work contract is not always compulsory but it is nevertheless necessary to analyze the consent of the parties involved.
How to make a written work contract ? What are the clauses that should be inserted in a contract ? Is a trial period necessary ? What are the enforceable rules for a parttime work contract ? …
We give you advice on the type of work contract to choose (Unlimited term contract, fixed-term contract, full time, compressed time, part-time…) and we draw it up taking into account :
– the specific requirements of your business and activity
– your company-wide agreements
– your industry-wide agreement

Everything is done in compliance with the regulations (Labour code, AIT).
Where appropriate, we insert specific clauses to protect the interests of your business :
Non-competition clause, forfeit clause-training, confidentiality, exclusivity, geographical and professional mobility,
business car and accommodation…

During its fulfillment, the work contract may undergo changes based upon :
– a new positioning of the employee in the company
– an evolution of the jurisprudence or regulations.
The amendment of a work contract requires some precautions to prevent the contract
to be upgraded.
We can adapt your contractual relationship by drafting up a rider that will formalize and
secure the new situation.


​The disciplinary power of the employer can only be applied in respect of the
employees’ right and therefore requires the observance of a certain formalism.
Too often employers lose their right to sanction, or are sentenced by the Court for irregular procedures.
In accordance with your rules and regulations, we assist you in the choice of the right sanction, proportional to the act of misconduct committed:
· Formal notice
· Warning
· Suspension
· Downgrading
· Dismissal for misconduct
· Dismissal for serious misconduct
· Dismissal for gross misconduct
. To avoid any bad surprise, we help you with the procedure to be followed